Seeking The Truth - Part 4

by Barbara Marciniak

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3 Seeking Truth workshop - 4 parts

I attempted to connect with the Ps by visualising the blue flag last night, as did the members of this workshop who received assistance/tweaking of their DNA overnight, and I experienced very vivid profound dreams.

Listening to part 4 lecture of this workshop, which includes a DNA meditation and I felt intense sensation around the back of my head and third eye.

This workshop 4 part series is one of my favourite. I also like the Visualization practice for the likes of Enlil and sending wishes to him and Enki to evolve and find their way. And also that this can be used for anyone who misuses power to reflect, learn and be accountable for their actions.

Many references to the Oversoul, the real history, Enki, Enlil, Jesus, 5G, and much more. Truely eye-opening.

Very powerful messages. Very grateful to Barbara and P’s for all that you do 💖 Favorite track: Seeking The Truth - Part 4.
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ollienorris71 Recorded: 3/18/2018
Location: Sedona, Arizona.
DNA memory, US Borders, Menstural Blood, Species Extinction, Weather modification, 5G big Dangers, X-Ray Airport scanners, 9/11 Weapons, Big Foot and Cryptozology Strange Creaures, Soloman Islands, The Bible, Jews & Ancient Adomites race.
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Recorded: 3/18/2018
Location: Sedona, Arizona


released June 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Barbara Marciniak Raleigh, North Carolina

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