Mind Power: It's All Up To You - Part 1

by Barbara Marciniak

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ximena thumbnail
ximena Such a great breakdown of Earth's beginning's and of Anunaki's family lineage. Definitely a great intro to dive deeper into the inner workings of how we came to be! - A big fan from "mystery land" -- Thank you so much Barbara for being the extension from the P's.
TheColorIsPurple thumbnail
TheColorIsPurple What is the breathing/healing meathod they mention?
ollienorris71 thumbnail
ollienorris71 Recorded: 5/5/2018
Location: Sedona, Arizona.
Different Personal Realities Existing* Your decieved!, The Field of Existance, Anunnaki Rulers / Empires, 445,000 yrs Allalu, Enki Underwater bases, Ancient Space Stations, Giant Worker Beings, False worshipped Gods, Mars destruction, Terriforming of Planets, Gold, The Lulu*/ Adamu slave workers, Creation of different human races, Skeleton Anunniki crew are here, "X"- Cross, Genetic Engineering, Noah*, 2024bc*, USA Tyranny, Big Work Ahead.
r_burdick thumbnail
r_burdick This seemed sort of routine with the retelling of the Annunaki history, but the message of karma, where you have to experience what you do to others in relationship to the Annunaki acting as rulers to us, They know that we will do the flip and rule them, because of our compassion - - WOW!
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Location: Sedona, Arizona
Recorded: 5/5/2018


released July 9, 2018


all rights reserved



Barbara Marciniak Raleigh, North Carolina

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